Cowgirl Leather Alert: have you seen what passes for concealed carry purses in most gun shops? I wouldn't buy one for my worst enemy! I rate them "D" for "deadly". If you were ever confronted with an active shooter scenario, you would take a hollow point before you could get your favorite iron out.

The notorious & dangerous version of CCW

It is time to declare  THE RAW TRUTH ABOUT CONCEALED CARRY PURSES. The common designs, like the purse shown here, are significantly flawed. The gun compartment is a small appendage tacked to, or imbedded into the backside of the purse against your body with the barrel parallel to the ground. If you are right handed, you must carry the purse on your left shoulder, move the purse across your tummy with your left arm, your right hand reaches up to feel for the zipper handle, slides it down to open the gun pouch, then slides inside the small, restrictive opening, grips the weapon, pulling it out without snagging the hammer, rear sight, or the front sight on the zipper welt, swings it back to the right, then either racks it to chamber a round, or flips the safety off, then perform the proper motion up to the sighting position. 

Is that a nasty joke or what? After all the time it takes for all those clumsy movements, it's doubtful that you could even get to an aiming position before you are a victim bleeding on the floor. , Now, look at that photo again. The hammer is already cocked as the gun is extracted. Is she nuts? Was the gun in the holster that way? Yes. It had to be. And that is an accident waiting to happen! Moreover, if the holstered piece had a round chambered with the safety off (dangerous), the complicated extraction process can lead to premature firing which can injure yourself or even kill an innocent bystander. But even if you had no chambered round and the safety on, you would still need precious time to chamber a round and flip the safety off before aiming. 

Quick reaction time is the essence of self-preservation. In addition, never forget that each bullet fired in these scenarios has a lawyer attached to it. One must take every precaution to stay clear of accidental murder and jail time. 

Ok, let's say you never have to face a shootout, with these clunky beasts, the fashion aspect is largely a loser, so there is very little pride in sporting these little tool boxes meant mainly for a trip to Walmart or Burger King in a safe part of town in broad daylight. 

Now review the CCW purse that can save your life:


A proper CCW purse must allow you to draw your weapon efficiently and quickly like from a holster on your belt as is taught in professional shooting courses called "the presentation". This method is a proven technique to save your life, or that of your loved ones, or friends.     

COWGIRL LEATHER CCW purse designs are born specifically from our own personal firearms training & shooting experience to allow quick & safe presentation in that reliable procedure time-tested by the masters. In addition, these fine hand-crafted accessories fill the need for a pleasing fashion statement that you will wear with pride anywhere. They even feel good. Soft and supple. Please review our website photos in the purse menu.      

Now, an important word on child safety: COWGIRL LEATHER CCW purses feature a magnetic snap on the holster compartment to prevent the gun from slipping out when the purse is laid down. It opens quickly for action when drawing your weapon, BUT!!!, remember this is not a child safe purse. You must exercise wise and proven gun safety procedures if you have, or spend time around, children. Moreover, no matter what, never have a round chambered unless you think you might be in a dangerous situation.      

Of course, you will wisely invest substantially more hard-earned American Dollars than for those dangerous mass market, gun shop duffel bags because "COWGIRL LEATHER" brand CCW purses are safe, efficient, and sexy. Let's face it; the reason you carry is to protect your life. Therefore, it is well-worth the reasonable extra cost for a product that provides insurance for just that essential goal. It may read like sensationalism, or scare tactics, but realistically one must ask, "what is your life worth; or that of your loved ones?"

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